/ November 12, 2019


  • Anja Bird, Andreas Räthe, Wigand Rathmann, Nicolai von Schroeders
  • Supported by FAU, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Duration: 2019 – 
  • Higher Education. Internationalisation 2.0. Calculus and Basic Stats with R (2018-now). Transition Studies are being developed at FAU to help foreign students enter the Master’s program at FAU. Mathematics is involved in this project and is developing the online courses Calculus and Basic Stats with R. MathInEE. Math for Engineers: Starting Successfully.

    In the context of this project, Nicolai von Schroeders (Mathematics Didactics) and Wigand Rathmann are developing a new concept for the Mathematics Repetitorium of the Faculty of Technology. The redesign means adapting the content to the changed conditions and the material will be reprocessed accordingly from a didactic point of view.

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