JLU: Control, Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence

Next Friday September 15, 2023 (at 10:00H local time) our Head Prof. Enrique Zuazua will talk on “Control, Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence” organized by the Science and Technology Association at Jilin University (China).

Abstract. Systems control, or cybernetics, according to the term first coined by Ampère and later popularized by Norbert Wiener, is the science of control and communication in animals and machines. The motivation goes back to ancient times: machines that automatically carry out man’s work so that he is more free and efficient. The objectives of control are, therefore, to a large extent, those of the modern discipline of Artificial Intelligence. This constitutes, on the one hand, further evidence of the amazing unity of Mathematics and, on the other, of its surprising ability to describe Nature and become the most useful tool for technological development.

We will present the links between these Mathematical disciplines and our recent work in this interface relating supervised learning and simultaneous control of neural differential equations.

Mathematical building. Lecture hall. 2nd. Floor.
Jilin University, China.
No.2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun City, China

The event is finished.


Fri. Sep 15, 2023


06:00 - 07:30


Jilin University