Hannes Meinlschmidt

Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor (W1) at the chair for Dynamics, Control and Numerics at FAU Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg since March 2021. I am working on optimal control of partial differential equations and applied analysis in general. I obtained both my Diploma (Oct 2011) and PhD (Mar 2017) in mathematics at TU Darmstadt, Germany; my PhD supervisor was Stefan Ulbrich. I then moved to RICAM in Linz, Austria, for a PostDoc position in the “Optimization and Optimal Control” group of Karl Kunisch, in Sept 2017.

My research interests concern problems at the intersection of (optimal) control and optimization with the analysis of PDEs. This includes regularization aspects on the optimization side and regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic evolution equations on the analysis side. The research questions I consider are motivated mostly by optimal control problems subject to strongly nonlinear (coupled systems of) time-dependent PDEs, or real-world applications with nonsmooth data.

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