Workshop on recent advances in kinetic theory and related models

Next Wednesday December 6, 2023 our Head Prof. Enrique Zuazua will talk on “Control and Machine Learning” at the Workshop on recent advances in kinetic theory and related models organized at the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, Pekin University on December 4-8, 2023.

Abstract. In this lecture we shall present some recent results on the interplay between control and Machine Learning, and more precisely, Supervised Learning, Universal Approximation and Normalizing flows. We adopt the perspective of the simultaneous or ensemble control of systems of Residual Neural Networks (ResNets). Roughly, each item to be classified corresponds to a different initial datum for the Cauchy problem of the ResNets, leading to an ensemble of solutions to be driven to the corresponding targets, associated to the labels, by means of the same control.

We present a genuinely nonlinear and constructive method, allowing to show that such an ambitious goal can be achieved, estimating the complexity of the control strategies. We shall also present the transport equations counterparts and discuss the links with the theory of optimal transport.

Talk by Prof. Zuazua: Wed. December 6, 2023 at 08:30H (Beijing time)

Lecture Hall, Jiayibing Building. BICMR
Jingchunyuan 82. Beijing

This event brings together applied mathematicians, computational mathematicians, and pure mathematicians to discuss the latest developments in kinetic theory and related mathematical models.

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