Date: Thu. April 22, 2021
Organized by: FAU DCN-AvH, Chair in Applied Analysis – Alexander von Humboldt Professorship at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany)
Title: Dynamics of a kinetic model from evolutionary biology

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gael Raoul
Affiliation: Ecole Polytechnique Paris, France

Abstract. We consider a population structured by a phenotypic trait. If the species reproduces sexually, if two parents produce an each offspring, the trait of the offspring is a combination of the parent’s traits. The distribution of the offspring’s trait is given by the so-called infinitesimal model. We obtain the a reproduction term that is similar to a collision operator in kinetic theory. This reproduction term is associated to a multiplicative operator that represents natural selection. In this talk, we will consider the long time dynamics of solution of that model when the selection is assumed weak enough. We will be able to show how estimates based on the Wasserstein distance can be used to extend approaches used by population geneticists.


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