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Schöne Mathematik für Künstliche Intelligenz

Last month, FAU, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg interviewed our Head Prof. Enrique Zuazua on “Beautiful mathematics for Artificial Intelligence” (Schöne Mathematik für Künstliche Intelligenz) that appeared at the FAU Magazin 2023/2024:

This the English version of the original interview (in German)

October 30, 2023

Three questions for Dr. Enrique Zuazua

Enrique Zuazua has acquired his third ERC Advanced Grant. He wants to use the funding to further develop the mathematical foundations for machine learning.

1 Mr. Zuazua, what are you currently researching?

I work with the mathematical tools of control theory and cybernetics. Since I arrived in Erlangen four years ago, my interest has shifted towards machine learning, because FAU is very strong in research here. I want to find out what mathematics can contribute to the challenges of artificial intelligence.

2 Why are you interested in this topic?

Applied mathematics is my domain, I have been involved in aviation projects, dealt with natural resource management and modeled energy networks.
Personal preferences certainly play a role, but so does intuition about the areas in which you can make a relevant contribution. I believe that deep and beautiful mathematics needs to be developed at the interface between control and machine learning.

3 What opportunities does the ERC Advanced Grant open up for you?

The grant provides resources to attract talented young researchers to Erlangen and build a powerful team. The mere fact that the ERC has found our research worthy of support is a great motivation for us.

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• Check this interview at FAU Magazin

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