Cafés Scientifique de la Culture: “Hire me, I’m a mathematician”

Date: Thu. March 25, 2021
Organized by: French-speaking Pole at UAM – Autonomous University of Madrid.
Title: Hire me, I’m a mathematician

Speaker: Our Head Enrique Zuazua
Affiliation: FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

Our Head Enrique Zuazua talked about ““Hire me, I’m a Mathematician”” at Cafés Scientifique de la Culture.

Abstract. In “Hire Me, I’m a Mathematician,” Enrique Zuazua will explain, how the workforce educated in mathematics or statistics has almost doubled in recent years, and how mathematical knowledge is being applied to all areas of our work lives, to the point that soon even football will need mathematicians.


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Official flyer of the event. Cortesy AUF/UAM

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