Observer Systeme für Gasnetze by M. Gugat

Next Wednesday March 15, 2023 our Prof. Akad. Director Martin Gugat, will talk on “Observer Systeme für Gasnetze” at the ,Elgersburg Workshop‘ at TU Ilmenau, Technische Universität Ilmenau on March 12-16th, 2023.

Abstract. Pipeline networks correspond to graphs where the edges are given by the pipes that form the network. The flow of gas through the pipes can be modeled by the isothermal Euler equations. A model for the flow through the network is obtained by coupling the PDEs that describe the flow through the pipes by algebraic node conditions that model the flow through the vertices of the graph. Measurements of the state in the network are available only at certain points in space. Based on these nodal observations, the full system state can be approximated using an observer system. We present an observer system for general graphs and prove that the state of the observer system approaches the original state exponentially fast.

Ehrenbergstraße 29
98693 Ilmenau

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Wed. Mar 15, 2023


09:00 - 10:00

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