Madrid. June 2021. Prof. Zuazua visits the German Ambassador in Madrid

High-level meeting at the German Embassy in Madrid: Enrique Zuazua, Humboldt Professor for Dynamics, Control and Numerics at FAU, was invited to a dinner with the German Ambassador to Spain, Wolfgang Dold.

A meeting of ambassadors with ambassadors, as Prof. Zuazua is, in addition to his work as a scientist, also an international “ambassador” at FAU. Among the guests was Spain’s Minister of Science, Pedro Francisco Duque Duque, so that Prof. Zuazua was able to address the main research areas and interests of FAU at the highest level. We can look forward to an expansion of the cooperation between Spanish research institutions and the FAU.

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the original entry (German) at FAU News: Botschafter trifft Botschafter

Photo: Prof. Dr. Enrique Zuazua (right) and the Spanish Minister of Science Pedro Francisco Duque Duque (left) were guests of the German Ambassador in Madrid Wolfgang Dold (center) | Photo credit: German Embassy Madrid.



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