CPDEs2023: Recent progresses and open problems in controlling magnetizable piezoelectric systems

On Mon. November 6, 2023 our Visiting Scientist Prof. Ahmet Ozkan Ozer will talk on “Recent progresses and open problems in controlling magnetizable piezoelectric systems” at the “Control of Partial Differential Equations in Hauts-de-France” (CPDEs2023) organized by UPHF, Ulille, ULCO on November 6-8, 2023 in France.

Asbtract. Magnetizable piezoelectric materials exhibit electromagnetic responses to mechanical stress, and mechanical responses to electromagnetic stress. Therefore, they are actively used as actuators and sensors in smart-material system designs. In this talk, several PDE models for various piezoelectric systems are proposed. These models mainly couple the longitudinal and/or transverse vibrations of layers with the electro-magnetism due to Maxwell’s equations and/or thermal effects. Recent results on the exact boundary observability, controllability, stabilizability with the inclusion of state feedback, delay, long-range memory, nonlinearity, partial viscous/fractional damping, and observer design will be discussed.

Certain mathematical hurdles will be mentioned. More importantly, the approximations of these PDE models by the standard Finite-Elements and Finite-Differences suffer from mimicking control-theoretic behaviors uniformly with respect to the discretization parameter. Recently proposed remedies, involving the order-reduction-based algorithms, will be discussed since they provide robust approximations. Finally, if the time allows, ongoing and recently published Wolfram’s Demonstration Projects, which are interactive visualizations with realistic material pa- rameters. This platform allows the controllers to be adjusted in real-time. Related future directions will be discussed.

Mon. November 6, 2023 at 14:30H

Room Creatio & Concilio, Bâtiment IMTD
Polytechnical University Hauts-de-France (UPHF), Valenciennes. France

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